Weekly Summary #2

This week was more difficult for me than last week. I felt like I had a lot more questions about what I needed to do, as well as felt that some of the assignments were more complex than I had originally thought. School work in other classes was really building up this week and I admit that I allowed this class to slip to the background, which makes it very difficult when it’s not 7:15 and my work is due at 12.

I did enjoy the Assignment bank work this week and I felt that it really allowed me to be creative in more than one way. I liked being able to write my own fan fiction, do a mash up, or really anything else. I also thought the Daily Creates were a lot of fun. I did not remember to start them until Wednesday, which limited my options to doing the three remaining, but I found them fairly easy and a lot of fun.

I think the biggest thing I learned this week was that I need to time manage better for this class. I did some work early in the week but didn’t pick it up again until Thursday, which just isn’t going to work for me anymore. I think doing one assignment a day, starting Friday or Saturday will help me budget my time better and make it so I’m not rushing to finish 5 hours before the deadline.

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