The Vignelli Cannon

One of the first things I liked about Vignelli’s book is that he laid out the three categories in which he feels design fall in: semantics, syntatic, and pragmatic. I really appreciate when authors do this, as I feel it makes it much easier to follow their thought process. I also really liked how each page focused on a specific theme or message, such as “details” or “timelessness”. I thought this was something really unique and that I personally had never seen in a book before. One of the other things that I really liked about Vignelli’s book was all of the examples he had for the topics he wrote about. I think that in a book on design, it’s critical to have images and photos that display what the author is trying to say. That also appealed to me because I’m a very visual person and I was pulled into the book more so than if had just been plain text.

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