“10 Ways” Reading by Katey M.

I kind of like the point that Kleon is making, to let others learn from you and take the things that work. I believe that creativity/the creative process isn’t something that someone can own, so if you are able to help another person by what you’re doing, it benefits you both.

I think that my favorite of his 10 point would probably be “You don’t have to be a genius”. In today’s society, I feel like the focus is always on who’s the smartest, who is doing the most and best thing. There’s a disregard for people who are thinking out of the box, or those who excel in non-traditional areas. You don’t have to be a genius to be smart, bold, courageous, creative, or unique.

I think that these points will help me to use the creative process and my methods to grow and help others grow as well. Also, I hope that this format will allow me to learn from others in a new way, broadening my horizons.

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