One Story, Four Icons

This was my absolute favorite movie growing up. I used a website called Fotor to create the collage and chose 4 very distinct images from the film.  I hope you all can deduce from my clues what this movie is!


Minimalist TV/Movie Poster


For this assignment, I chose the tv show “Archer”, which focuses on spy working for the intelligence agency, ISIS. Archer is known on the show for being a lush and is almost always seen with a drink in his hand, so I thought it would be fitting to make alcohol the theme for the poster. I chose a simple photo with just the bottles, and I put a label on the bottom with the show’s name in it, to kind of make it look as though he was a liquor himself.

Destination Post Card



This wasn’t too difficult to do either, much like the daily create. I do, however,  dislike the Canva website. I’ve used it for clubs before and I didn’t like that there were so many fees for photos and templates. I may just use Word or Paint next time.

Daily Create #1


I happen to think these two fit together very nicely. And this assignment was super easy and fun to do.

The Vignelli Cannon

One of the first things I liked about Vignelli’s book is that he laid out the three categories in which he feels design fall in: semantics, syntatic, and pragmatic. I really appreciate when authors do this, as I feel it makes it much easier to follow their thought process. I also really liked how each page focused on a specific theme or message, such as “details” or “timelessness”. I thought this was something really unique and that I personally had never seen in a book before. One of the other things that I really liked about Vignelli’s book was all of the examples he had for the topics he wrote about. I think that in a book on design, it’s critical to have images and photos that display what the author is trying to say. That also appealed to me because I’m a very visual person and I was pulled into the book more so than if had just been plain text.

Reflection of spy shows and movies

For this reflection, I chose to watch Alias and Spy Kids.  Alias is a show I had never heard of before but I became interested in when I saw the cast. I watched episode one of the first season, which in most spy stories gives the background if who, what, where, when, and why? In this episode, we learn that Sydney has been contracted by the CIA to work as a spy. She falls in love and tells her boyfriend, and he ends up being murdered by the DS-6, the agency she works for. After the devastating loss, Sydney learns about DS-6 and that it is not all that it seems to be and she must then decide whether or not she wants to continue work as a double agent. Spy Kids  is the story of two siblings, Carmen and Juni, who are the children of two previously rivaled spies. The children are unaware of their parents’ past until one day they go missing and the children inevitably have to go and save their parents, becoming spies themselves.

I don’t think that these stories necessarily have a similar theme, other than a tragedy drawing them into becoming a spy, and even that isn’t totally accurate. I do feel like that theme is present in many of the films and shows about spies, however.  There always seems to be a reason that a person becomes a spy, and rarely is it ever something they’re born into. There’s a tragedy, some need to avenge, and the job arises for them to become spies.

The term “spy” or ” secret agent” is so broad as well. Even when given these two as examples, what the children do versus what Sydney does is very drastic. The children’s spy world is much more fictional feeling, while Alias seems much more realistic. I don’t think “spy” or “secret agent” can mean one thing, but more so varies on the story line, character, and plot of the show or movie.

Weekly Summary #2

This week was more difficult for me than last week. I felt like I had a lot more questions about what I needed to do, as well as felt that some of the assignments were more complex than I had originally thought. School work in other classes was really building up this week and I admit that I allowed this class to slip to the background, which makes it very difficult when it’s not 7:15 and my work is due at 12.

I did enjoy the Assignment bank work this week and I felt that it really allowed me to be creative in more than one way. I liked being able to write my own fan fiction, do a mash up, or really anything else. I also thought the Daily Creates were a lot of fun. I did not remember to start them until Wednesday, which limited my options to doing the three remaining, but I found them fairly easy and a lot of fun.

I think the biggest thing I learned this week was that I need to time manage better for this class. I did some work early in the week but didn’t pick it up again until Thursday, which just isn’t going to work for me anymore. I think doing one assignment a day, starting Friday or Saturday will help me budget my time better and make it so I’m not rushing to finish 5 hours before the deadline.