Growing Up With Jason Segel

Jason Segel is my all time favorite actor/celebrity crush so of course I had to choose him for this grow-up montage. I picked his audition tape for “Freaks and Geeks”, an interview with the cast of “How I Met Your Mother” where he sings with NPH, the Dracula Song from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, and one of his scenes from “Bad Teacher”

Making a Song

For this assignment, I picked 5 of my favorite most current songs and combined them based on the themes. The song begins with talking about facing all your problems alone and trying to impress an ex, next it’s about being comfortable on your own without them, then it’s about not wanting to know what your ex has been doing, then it moves on to talking about how you still love them, and it ends with the person acknowledging that they don’t talk anymore and it how it isn’t worth it to continue on with them.

This assignment was so much fun . 5/5, would do again.

Melody Mash Up

For this assignment, I created my own. I took two songs that had the same chord progression and combined them together at a place where they would sound good overlapping.

For this particular arrangement, I chose TLC’s “Waterfalls” and Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”. I’ve been working on a mash up of this for a while and I thought I would test it it out to see how it sounds.


Video Show (Week 11)

Here’s the video show with myself, Callie, and Amari. We decided on a 50’s style teaching video that presented some ways to perfect being a spy. I focused on disguises and how those can make or break an agent. Overall, this was an easy and successful assignment. Callie helped a lot with the editing and filming while Amari and I worked on the script and anything else necessary for the video show.


Weekly Summary

This week was a lot of fun for me. I really enjoyed the “Design” category and felt like all the assignments were something that I really wanted to do. I really liked the Assignment Bank choices for this week and will probably look into doing some more form this category in the following weeks. I thought the Daily Create topics were a lot of fun and I was able to use some new websites to create those, which was a good experience. Overall I was very happy with this week’s assignments.

Design Blitz

For this image, I chose the topic of “Typography”. This was an advertisement for Mr.UMW that my club had created. We chose to do a lot of bright colors and different fonts so that it would draw the attention of those walking by. The theme for the event is the 90’s, so we decided that the bold colors and font would work well to convey the theme.

I chose this image for “Proportion”. This is a picture from where I was sitting in Pollard today before my voice lesson. The rooms and hallways in Pollard are set up in such a specific way, with hallways of equal length and corridors that lead exactly to where you need to go. I think this is shown in the above photo, as the space between the rooms, as well as the distance from the hall to the room is very proportionate.

This is the image I chose for “Rhythm”. The sheet music is for a song I’m learning called “Si Mes Vers Avaient Des Ailles”. The song has a lot of interesting rhythmic patterns, including triplets, dotted quarter notes followed by eight notes, and dotted half notes. While these are not all that unusual to find in a piece of music, they make the song sound very different than many others that use more traditional rhythmic patterns.

I chose this image for “Color” because I think the colors used in the image are complimentary to one another, but not necessarily in a traditional way. I really liked the mustard yellow, mixed with the blue, turquoise, and green. I like the way the traditional colors mixed with non-traditional to create a beautiful palate.

Make a Maze

For this assignment, I found a maze creation software on Discovery Education that allowed you to choose certain aspects that would create a unique maze. I made mine an “escape” maze with random paths and titled it “Rat In A Cage” after one of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins’s songs. I think it’s fairly difficult, but I really like mazes so it was fun for me to solve.